Interested in joining our team? You can read about our commissions here and decide what you think best suits you! If you can’t decide, there is always our general commission too that does a little bit of everything.


During the year, we’ll be holding many events to get our name and cause known around UTSG. These events can be costly and budget plans have to be drafted up along with applying for funding from sources such as UTSU. If you’re interested in money and think planning for expenses to make an event run smoothly is right for you, join our finance commission!


The media commission is looking for creative and artistic students to help design our posters for meetings and events. Throughout the year, we’ll be throwing out a lot of videos and graphics at the UTSG student body so it’d be great to get some talented people on our team to help with this type of work.


Interested in organizing events? Have experience with planning talent shows and eating contests? Our logistics commission is in charge of planning where events will be, how they will be run, and what needs to be done to make them happen. A lot of work is put into the planning of our events to make them successful so the logistics commission plays a big role in whether they happen or not.

Communications and Marketing

Our communications and marketing commission is in charge of advertising our events and upkeeping our social media and website. This commission’s main focus is promoting our events and meetings and generally trying to raise our membership. We’re looking for creative minds to think up ideas to get our club out there.


Not sure what you want to do? Interested in a little bit of everything? Our general commission does all sorts of work for the club depending on what is needed at the time. Helping out at events and actually making them happen is just one of the many responsibilities for the general commission.  

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